Revolutionizing Merchant Processing: A Commitment to Customer Service

In the vast landscape of merchant processing, a glaring issue seems to persist – a lack of control within the industry. The rush to capture dollars led to a proliferation of merchant processors, ranging from small, one-person operations to large call centers. However, the emphasis on true customer service, integrity, and transparency often took a back seat.

In this crowded market, competition intensified, prices became more competitive, and the focus on value waned. The consequences were felt by merchants who found themselves left without support to navigate issues, situations, or technical problems. The smaller players chased sales and monthly recurring payments, sometimes abandoning their customers abruptly.

On the other end, larger merchant processors seemed solely driven by sales targets, neglecting the importance of building relationships with clients. The goal was to onboard as many merchants as possible to generate residual payments from processing fees. The industry needed a shift, a player that prioritized customer service, problem-solving, and maintaining strong relationships.

Enter Freedom Payments. Ryan and Jeff, co-owners, quickly saw the opportunity to do it better. Drawing from a background in software and past owned businesses, where customer service, solution-based selling, and project management were paramount, Ryan and Jeff envisioned a different approach for the merchant processing space.

At Freedom Payments, clients have reported past experiences with slick salesmen who deceived them, locked them into contracts under false pretenses, or disappeared after the initial months of service. This narrative prompted Freedom Payments to redefine their business model.

The core philosophy at Freedom Payments revolves around relationship-building, customer service, and problem-solving. The company has heard from numerous clients who faced misleading practices in the industry, and they are determined to be a beacon of trust and reliability.

Understanding the challenges faced by merchants, Freedom Payments goes beyond phone support. With two fleet service vehicles for on-site assistance, they aim to alleviate the burden on merchants, ensuring that technical issues don’t hinder their daily operations. The focus is on being a service-based business in the financial space, prioritizing customer satisfaction over mere financial transactions.

Despite the competitive nature of the industry, Freedom Payments openly showcases client testimonials on their site, confident that their relationship and service offerings set them apart. They understand that a successful business in the merchant processing world requires a delicate balance between making money and providing exemplary customer service.

In conclusion, Freedom Payments is not just a merchant processor; it’s a partner invested in the success of its clients. The company’s commitment to core values, ethics, integrity, and transparency positions them as a rising star in the merchant processing industry. As they continue to grow, their vision is clear – to be recognized as the premier merchant processor service in the Treasure Valley and surrounding areas of Idaho.

If you wish to learn more or speak to any of their clients, Freedom Payments encourages you to explore their site and witness firsthand the relationships they’ve built – relationships that go beyond transactions and create customers for life.

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