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Freedom Payments securely handles transactions between customers and businesses. Taking care of  authorization, verification, and transfer of funds through electronic payment methods.






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Payment Terminals

Simple, reliable, affordable, and FREE with select programs.

Payment Terminals: The backbone of modern commerce. These sleek, secure devices revolutionize transactions. From contactless to chip, they effortlessly process payments, empowering businesses to provide seamless experiences. Trust in Payment Terminals for fast, reliable, and secure transactions, boosting customer satisfaction and driving business growth. Experience the future of payments today.

Point of Sale Systems

From complex to simple POS systems, we've got you covered.

Point of Sale (POS) Systems: The heart of efficient retail operations. These comprehensive solutions streamline sales, inventory management, and customer interactions. With intuitive interfaces and advanced features, POS Systems empower businesses to enhance productivity, optimize processes, and deliver exceptional service. Experience seamless transactions and actionable insights with a reliable and versatile POS System.

Virtual Terminals

Taking payments & sending digital invoices right from your PC or mobile device is made easy!

Virtual Terminals: The flexible solution for remote payment processing. These online platforms enable businesses to accept payments from anywhere, anytime securely. With intuitive interfaces and robust security measures, Virtual Terminals offer convenience and peace of mind. Simplify transactions and expand your business reach with the power of Virtual Terminals.

Online Gateways (API)

Integrating your current E-commerce cart or business management software into our payment solutions for less.

Online Gateways (API): The key to unlocking seamless online transactions. These powerful interfaces connect e-commerce platforms to payment networks, enabling secure and real-time payment processing. With easy integration and customizable features, Online Gateways empower businesses to deliver smooth and reliable payment experiences. Simplify online payments and drive business growth with an efficient API solution.

Mobile Terminals

Want to take card payments in the field or right on-site? We can help!

Mobile Terminals: The freedom to accept payments on the go. These compact devices turn smartphones or tablets into portable payment terminals, providing businesses with the flexibility and convenience they need. With wireless connectivity and secure transactions, Mobile Terminals empower merchants to serve customers anywhere, anytime. Embrace mobility and elevate your business with Mobile Terminals.

Recurring Billing

Take payments or manage subscriptions simply and securely!

Recurring Billing: Simplifying subscription-based transactions. This automated payment feature allows businesses to charge customers at regular intervals conveniently. With Recurring Billing, businesses can enhance customer convenience, improve cash flow, and foster long-term relationships. Streamline billing processes and maximize revenue with the power of Recurring Billing solutions.

Card Vaulting

Securely hold customers’ card information, making capturing payments from your regular customers easier!

Card Vaulting: Safeguarding payment information with ease. This secure storage feature encrypts and stores customer card data for future transactions. With Card Vaulting, businesses can offer seamless checkout experiences while maintaining PCI compliance and reducing security risks. Protect customer data and enhance payment convenience with Card Vaulting solutions.

Paperless Invoicing

Why print when you can send invoices or receipts digitally?

Paperless Invoicing: Embrace efficiency and sustainability. This digital invoicing solution eliminates the need for paper-based processes, reducing costs and environmental impact. With Paperless Invoicing, businesses can streamline invoicing, automate reminders, and enhance cash flow management. Embrace the future of invoicing while minimizing paper waste with Paperless Invoicing solutions.

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